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Ms Chen's 2024
Model Chinese
Compo Pack

Learn the best composition techniques, tips and samples from Ms Chen 

Help your child gain a headstart and
an advantage in 
Chinese Compositions

The Situation

Secondary School Composition Format 

​There are 3 types of composition questions for O Level Higher Chinese Language / Chinese Language Paper 1.

  1. ​Narrative (记叙文) - Covered in Sec 1 & 2

  2. Argumentative (议论文) - Covered from Sec 2 onwards or Speech (演讲词) - Covered in Sec 4 and only for HCL

  3. News-based (材料作文) - Covered from Sec 3 onwards

The Problem

  • The model composition books in the market are too ‘simple’ and do not cater to Higher Chinese students

  • Many schools encourage students to write Argumentative / News-based (材料作文)during exams

  • However, many students do not read the news or remember enough evidence (论据) to ace their composition

How you can inspire your child and help him / her improve their Chinese Compositions?

Ms Chen is here to help

Ms Chen's Model Chinese Composition Pack

By subscribing to Ms Chen's Model Composition Pack, you get access to model compositions with topics that are geared towards the latest news and spotted topics for O Level and school exams.


Ms Chen’s past and current students have benefitted from these spotted essay topics.


All the composition topics are from past year top schools' exam papers and O Level exam topics.

Clear annotation and explanation in model compositions to highlight best practices and techniques.

Check-in with Ms Chen if you have any questions.

Model Chinese Compositions (Secondary)

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Model Chinese Compositions (Primary)

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Model Compo (Primary)

" 我在考试之前想要复习范文却找不到,无意中发现了陈老师的范文配套。感谢陈老师的范文,涵盖了多方面的话题,包括在O水准的材料文话题,在我准备O水准会考的过程中提供大大的帮助。"

王丹莹,新加坡女子中学 (中四, 2020)


Ace your Compo

Package A

  • 20 Model Compositions (Jan-Oct 2024)

  • 2 Model Compositions sent every first Wednesday of the month (For 10 months) 

  • Narrative + Argumentative (Suitable for Sec 1 and Sec 2 HCL students)

  • Fee: Contact us to find out


Package B

  • 40 Model Compositions (Jan-Oct 2024)

  • 4 Model Compositions sent every first Wednesday of the month (For 10 months)

  • Narrative + Argumentative + Speech + News-based  (Suitable for Sec 3 and Sec 4 HCL/CL students, lower sec students who wish to have a head start in news-based composition)

  • Fee: Contact us to find out

Primary School Package

  • 40 Model Compositions (Jan-Oct 2024)

  • 4 Model Compositions sent every last Wednesday of the month (For 10 months)

  • 4 Compo Types - 看图作文, 命题作文 (普华), 情境作文, 完成文章 (高华).

  • Fee: Contact us to find out


Who is it suitable for? 

  • Primary School students taking PSLE

  • Secondary School students taking Higher Chinese Language

  • Secondary School students taking Chinese Language and would like to stretch your Composition skills and knowledge

Mode of payment for Ms Chen's Model Composition Pack is via bank / Paynow transfer.

1) Bank transfer (FAST): UOB 456-345-3375 OR

2) Paynow to Mobile: +65 91558311

By subscribing to Ms Chen's Model Composition Pack, you consent and agree to the Terms and Conditions

Once you have made the bank / Paynow transfer, kindly drop a note to or text 91558311 with the following details: 


  • Your Name

  • Package Subscribed (Package A / Package B / Primary School)

  • Amount Transferred 

  • Date of Transfer

  • Email address to receive the Model Composition Pack


Your payment will be verified in the next 24 hours. Once verified, you will receive a successful enrolment notification.


If you subscribe in the middle of the year once the publications have started (e.g. May 2024), you will have access to all model compositions published from the start of the same calendar year, i.e. Jan to May 2024.

For enquiries, please reach out to Ms Chen using this form.

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Chinese Writing Buddy

If you need more guide and practice after reading Miss Chen's Model Compositions, but do not have the time to attend Ms Chen's classes, then the Chinese Writing Buddy Program is for you!

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