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Ms Chen's

Chinese Writing


Does your child need guided help and practice in his / her Chinese Compositions, but does not have the time to attend extra classes?

How your child will benefit

With Ms Chen’s Chinese Writing Buddy Program,

  • You will receive constructive and detailed feedback on your writing assignments from Ms Chen.

  • You will learn writing techniques and work on compositions in the comfort of your home at your own convenient time.

  • You remove the hassle of travelling to attend classes.

A Structured and Detailed Program to

Help your Child Succeed

Ms Chen's Writing Buddy

How does it work?

Our specially designed writing curriculum consists of: 

  • 4 composition exercises per month (one composition exercise weekly) with guided notes on how to approach the question. 

  • Topics are closely aligned to school’s composition topics.

  • Writing assignments will be sent on the Monday of the week and due on Sunday of the same week

  • Student will scan and email composition to Ms Chen for marking

  • Ms Chen will return student with the detailed marking thereafter and model composition to learn from.

Who is it suitable for?

  • This programme is suitable for students that are well disciplined and have an above average grasp of the Chinese language.

  • For students that are less motivated to write and are struggling with the language, it is recommended to attend group lessons. Click here to find out more about Ms Chen's group classes.

Samples of Ms Chen's Composition Exercise and Feedback


View a sample of Ms Chen's Chinese Writing Buddy Feedback by clicking the buttons below


  • Secondary School - 4 Compositions - $250

  • Primary School - 4 Compositions - $150

To Sign Up or Enquiries

Complete the form here

Model Compositions

Preview Ms Chen's Model Compositions covering Narrative, Argumentative, News-based and Speech-based compositions.

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