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Does online classes work for my child and
is it suitable for my child?

Online Class

Online Class FAQs

​How does Chen Higher Chinese's online lessons work?​

  • We use Zoom for our online lessons.

  • Meeting link and materials will be sent to the student few days before the lesson via email.

  • During the lesson, our teacher will share screen and make use of whiteboard tools to explain concepts. Students will be able to ask questions during the session.

  • For students whom are more shy, an added benefit is the use of the chat function to ask questions and the teacher will reply them on the spot.

  • All students are encouraged to switch on their web cameras to fully benefit from the class interaction.

How will homework be marked?

  • The student will scan and WhatsApp or email the teacher the homework before the next lesson.

  • Our teachers will mark the homework and return them, as well as go through the common mistakes made and the homework in the next lesson. 


Is my child suited for online learning?

  • For students that are self-disciplined and have a packed schedule, online lessons are suitable as it reduces the travelling time to the Centre for lessons.

  • To fully reap the benefits of online learning, the student needs to be disciplined to take down notes during the online lesson, ask questions to clarify doubts and diligently submit homework.

  • Our teachers are always open for consultations on school work or tuition homework (or on life :) ) - we believe engagement is very important for a student to begin liking the subject and show improvement in grades.

  • All our teachers constantly check in on their students and motivate them along their Chinese journey.  Click here to see to WhatsApp interactions between students and teachers. 


Are online group lessons effective?

  • Our online group lessons are interactive and well-paced.

  • We started online group lessons on Zoom in January 2020, way before the Circuit Breaker. Throughout the last year of online lessons, we have calibrated and fine-tuned many of our teaching practices to better engage students online.

  • Our students have done well last year (See testimonials) with the bulk of the year’s lessons being online.

  • Our teachers follow up closely with the students via WhatsApp to ensure they are making progress and clarify any doubts. 

  • For students whom are weaker, online 1-1 lessons would be able to address their specific weaknesses. 


My child prefers face to face lessons. Is that possible?

  • Yes. We recommend face to face lessons for students who are weaker in the subject and may be easily distracted during online lessons. 

My child prefers face to face lessons but for certain weeks when he/she is unable to travel down, can he/she do online lessons?

  • Certainly. Most of our classes are hybrid classes, meaning that there will be students attending online and offline at the same time. 

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