What students and parents think?

"I find Ms Chen’s lessons very useful in refining my comprehension answering techniques and providing me with many model compositions across topics to prepare for exams. During lessons, I get many composition practices and Ms Chen provides me with detailed feedback on how to improve. With Ms Chen’s help, I managed to prepare and “spot” the composition and oral topic for O levels. Thanks Ms Chen!"

Bryan W., Hwa Chong Institution (Sec 4, 2020)

"Ms Chen understands my strengths and weaknesses and is proficient in teaching me how to make good use of my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. She is also a resourceful teacher with many exam papers and Chinese model compositions. I can always ask Ms Chen to look through my exam scripts and she helps me to analyse my mistakes and tells me the areas I need to work on. She always clarifies my doubts on my Chinese homework when I WhatsApp her. With the help of Ms Chen, I managed to do my O-Level Higher Chinese papers more confidently."

Nicholas W., Punggol Secondary School (Sec 4, 2020)

"Ms Chen’s enthusiasm and passion for the Chinese language rubs off on me, and she constantly motivates me to do better in my Higher Chinese. During the months leading up to the O-Level oral exam, Ms Chen pushed me to watch the Chinese news everyday to improve my oral. She discusses the topics in a comprehensive way and train me to think critically. I can always Whatsapp her for help on my school work and any questions, and she always clarifies my doubts readily."

Annabeth L., Chung Cheng High School (Main), (Sec 3, 2019)

"Ms Chen taught me Chinese Comprehension techniques that helped me to ace Comprehension. I like that she incorporates current affairs and news in her lessons which makes reading Chinese news less intimidating. Under her guidance, I managed to improve from a borderline pass to top of class for Paper 2."

Ian W., Raffles Institution (Sec 3, 2018)

"Ms Chen is very patient in explaining Chinese vocabulary to me, in both English and Chinese. I can always reach out to Ms Chen readily when I have questions. I used to dislike Chinese lessons but Ms Chen makes her Higher Chinese Tuition lessons enjoyable by sharing music and current affairs in China. She also introduced martial arts novels to me which I enjoyed. My Higher Chinese has improved from Bs to As and I managed to qualify for the End of Year Exam exemption."

Alex T., Hwa Chong Institution (Sec 2, 2018)

"My son scored B4 overall for Sec 2 Higher Chinese End Of Year Exam. He has shown improvement from C5 in first combined to B4 in second combined. We can’t thank you enough for your patience and good guidance! Thank you! Keep up the good work and we hope Ethan can remain motivated under your guidance and continue to improve his Chinese."

Emily, Parent of Ethan (Catholic High School, Sec 3, 2019)

"Very thankful to Ms Chen for guiding my daughter and being so patient. My daughter has a weak foundation as she did not take Higher Chinese in primary school, but Ms Chen constantly encouraged her and expanded her vocabulary. I am impressed with the vocabulary she is able to use in her Composition after a few lessons. Now, she understands comprehension passages better. From failing, she has improved to scoring Bs and is now motivated to do better."

XT, Parent of Wan Ling (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Sec 2, 2018)