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What students and parents think?

"Highly recommend 陈老师’s lessons! She genuinely always has our best interests at heart, for example helping us mark extra compos (she always encourages us to write as many as we can for practise 😭, and she would try to mark all of them) and encouraging us. She provides a lot of resources too like compiled 新闻话题s and 范文s, which was really helpful when preparing for exams."

Kacey T., Nanyang Girls' High School (Sec 4, 2022) – A1 HCL O'Level

"陈老师 is a really dedicated teacher, and I find her lessons very effective for me as she understands our strengths and weaknesses and gives us a lot of feedback for our work. She also provides us with many model essays, current affairs summaries and marks all our extra 作文s when we write them😮‍💨
谢谢老师的life advice和鼓励,highly recommend 老师’s lessons!"

Yingxi T., Nanyang Girls' High School (Sec 4, 2022)  A1 HCL O'Level

"Ms Chen is very dedicated to all her students, lessons are very productive and as her student, I would not have improved so much without her guidance😇😇"

Yin Jia C., Raffles Girls' School (Sec 4, 2022) – A1 HCL O'Level

"Thank you Ms Chen for always being so patient and approachable, and always being able to explain to me in English certain terms so I can better understand. I can always leave your classes feeling more confident about Chinese as you always manage to clear any misconceptions and answer all the questions I have in the clearest, most creative ways. Ms Chen always encourages us, and acknowledges my progress while making sure to point out any other areas of improvement I could work on."

Ee Shann H., Raffles Girls' School (Sec 4, 2022)  A2 HCL O'Level

"Ms Chen is engaging and a very effective teacher! I enjoyed her lessons tremendously and she always has a treasure trove of resources from oral notes to model compo. She checks in with us regularly and ensures we are keeping up with work, always motivating us to do better."

Adrianne T., Raffles Girls' School (Sec 4, 2022) – B3 HCL O'Level

"Ms Chen inspires me to do better and put in more effort in Chinese. Her notes are very useful and comprehensive and she goes the extra mile to mark extra assignments and give consultations. These enable me to get immediate feedback to improve my answering techniques. I’m super grateful for Ms Chen in helping me to improve from failing to a distinction in the O Level exam!"

Janice C., Singapore Chinese Girls' School (Sec 4, 2022) – A2 HCL O'Level

"陈老师 prepared many materials to help me to improve my Chinese. This includes model compositions, new words to expand my vocabulary and helping to find examples to use for compositions. This has greatly helped me to see how to improve my Chinese through the steps that she teaches me. Chinese seems much more approachable with her help. She is also more than willing to help mark extra practices that you do and give very constructive and useful feedback. 谢谢陈老师这几年的苦心!"

Lawrence L., Raffles Institution (Sec 4, 2022) – A2 HCL O'Level

"陈老师 puts in a lot of effort and energy to teach her students each lesson. The resources and pointers given were all extremely helpful in expanding my vocabulary and my spoken Chinese. Furthermore, she interacts very well with her students and has made learning Chinese for me something fun and not dreadful. 谢谢陈老师:)"

Ruth L., National Junior College (Sec 4, 2022) – A1 HCL O'Level

"陈老师's lessons not only helped me tackle O Level Higher Chinese , they also allowed me to gain knowledge that is very relevant to my daily life. After joining her classes, HCL does not feel like an obstacle anymore and I am more confident in this aspect. One of my favourite teachers!"

Xinying L., Nanyang Girls' High School (Sec 4, 2022) – A2 HCL O'Level

"Highly recommend Ms Chen’s classes, comprehensive resources provided and she takes the extra mile to understand every child. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm for the language definitely inspires."

Mrs Lim., Parent of C, Canberra Primary School (P6, 2022) – AL1 CL and HCL Distinction, PSLE

Highly recommend Ms Chen’s Writing Buddy Program!

"Since P4, my child’s HCL and CL grades were pulled down by her compositions. After getting 17/40 (HCL) and 25/40 (CL) for her P5 WA2 compositions, I felt that more practice with feedback from a teacher was what we needed. I found Chen’s Higher Chinese and felt that the Writing Buddy Program would be perfect for my child who did not have time to attend tuition classes. We started in July 2021 and could see slow but steady improvement from then on. Ms Chen would email an assignment weekly and after submitting and receiving the marked composition, my child would read Ms Chen’s feedback and the accompanying model composition. Before every school practice paper or exam, my child would review all the comments and mistakes made from past Writing Buddy assignments and read all the model compositions again.

61 compositions later, my child scored AL1 for CL and Distinction for HCL. This was only possible due to the tremendous improvement made in her composition writing. Thank you Ms Chen, for your encouragement and guidance over the past 1.5 years!"

Yvonne O., Parent of C, Nanyang Primary School (P6, 2022) –

AL1 CL and HCL Distinction, PSLE

"Chen Laoshi taught my daughter since Sec 1. And under her patience guidance, in 4 years my daughter transformed from a typical “potato” to one who scored B3 in her HCL. Besides being very approachable and being able to explain the more complex stuff in English (which helped immensely given that my daughter started out as a “potato”), Chen Laoshi truly cares about her students. The one thing that my daughter misses most after “graduating” from Chen Laoshi’s tuition is their casual chit chat sessions. Highly recommended!"

Linmin O., Parent of M, Methodist Girls’ School (Sec 4, 2021) – B3 HCL O'Level

"Ms Chen is a dedicated teacher . Her teaching materials are relevant and good . Under her guidance , my son has shown an improvement for his Higher Chinese . Thank you Ms Chen."

Jasmine N., Parent of D, Dunman High School (Sec 4, 2022) – B3 HCL O'Level

"Thank you Ms Chen and we are very grateful for your teaching over the years. You have set a good foundation for him, he still loves his narrative model essays from you and oral notes which helped him tremendously and allowed him to ace his exam!"

Jacqueline S., Parent of A, Raffles Institution (J1, 2022)  A H1 CL A’Level


卓太太,儿子就读于德明政府中学(中四, 2022年) – B3 HCL O'Level

"Thank you so much for the past few years of work with K! I have seen her grown more confident and comfortable with the language and grasp the techniques with your guidance."

Pauline C., Parent of K, Crescent Girls’ School (Sec 4, 2022) – A1 CL O'Level


张尚叡,华侨中学,(中四, 2021年) – A2 HCL O'Level


卜婧,德明政府中学,(中四, 2022年) – A2 HCL O'Level

"Thank you Ms Chen for your help and constant guidance this year! Your comprehensive resources really help me to nail the exams! "

Zhiqi N., Crescent Girls’School (Sec 4, 2021) – A2 HCL O'Level

"Comprehensive and extensive resources were provided to build vocabulary and train essential language skills, such as model essays, comprehensions, and vocabulary exercises. Every week, Ms Chen would go through these exercises in a thorough and detailed manner, ensuring that her students understand the material. Also, the class environment is quite friendly, so if there are any doubts, I do not feel awkward in asking questions."

Caitlyn C., Raffles Girls’School (Sec 4, 2021) – A2 HCL O'Level

"Chen 老师 is a very patient and caring teacher. Despite having a weak fundamental base of the language, her lessons were easy to follow and understand. Although my time at the centre was not long, I learnt a lot from it and it gave me confidence during exams and test. Throughout my entire Chinese journey with Chen 老师, my Chinese has definitely improved by many levels and I am grateful for her support and teachings!"

John Y., Anglo Chinese School (Independent) (Sec 4, 2021) – B3 HCL O'Level


王祉颐,南洋女中(中四,2020) – A1 HCL O'Level

"I was scraping through my Higher Chinese exams, scoring Cs. A few months before my O'Level, I started intensive Higher Chinese tuition with Ms Chen. She taught me comprehension techniques and gave me a lot of practice papers to practise these techniques and patiently explained my mistakes. She also gave me plenty of Chinese model compositions, taught me good phrases I used in my essays, and helped me spot essay topics for Prelims and O'Levels. Eventually, I managed to score A2 for my Higher Chinese O'Level exam. Thank you Ms Chen for your guidance!"

Lucinda L., Raffles Girls’ School (Sec 4, 2019) – A2 HCL O'Level

"Thank you Ms Chen for helping me with my HCL! Although my Chinese standard is a borderline pass, Ms Chen never gave up on me and tailors her model compositions to my level so that I will have not find it too challenging to learn and remember. In addition, she also helps me to narrow down the possible topics for Oral and Compo examinations which I find very useful. When I have last minute queries before exams, I can always text Ms Chen and she always gives me detailed explanations promptly. She also sends me encouragement notes and brownies to motivate me. I’m very grateful for her guidance all these years."

Chloe N., CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (Sec 4, 2020) - A2 HCL O'Level


卓恩熙, 新加坡女子中学 (中四, 2020年) - A1 HCL O'Level

"100% would recommend Ms Chen!! Ms Chen is able to build rapport with her students, she’s young at heart, so lessons are always lively and enjoyable. Before attending her lessons, I disliked Chinese and thought learning it was a chore and only scraped borderline passes in school, but after attending her lessons for 2+ years, she has definitely inspired me with her deep knowledge in Chinese. Beyond the techniques she imparted, I am more motivated to do well in Chinese and speak the language, so thank you Ms Chen :)"

Annabeth L., Chung Cheng High School Main (Sec 4, 2020) – A2 HCL O'Level

"Ms Chen’s Chinese tuition lessons are always interesting and varied. She gives me plenty of resources (especially on composition and oral) and makes sure I am well-prepared for common topics. This has helped to reinforce my knowledge and broaden my exposure. Ms Chen also prepares Chinese oral videos for me to have mock practice which I find very useful. My Chinese composition used to be pretty bad as I do not have enough evidence and phrases, but Ms Chen’s resources and pointers helped me tremendously and I gained more confidence.  I find it useful that I can Whatsapp her when I have any questions and she will explain to me patiently."

Joseph T., Dunman High School (Sec 4, 2019) - A1 HCL O'Level

"Ms Chen is an effective and caring Chinese teacher. She drills us on compre techniques and gives us a lot of model compos to prepare for exams. I enjoy the group lessons and she's always very generous in entertaining our endless questions, understanding our strengths and helping us to build on it, especially in compo. Thanks Ms Chen for your guidance these years!"

Ethan T., Raffles Institution (Sec 4, 2020) – A1 HCL O'Level

"Really great Higher Chinese tuition teacher. I have been a student for <2yrs+. Chinese would usually be a subject where most students dislike but somehow, she is able to peak my interest in Chinese and help me to slowly improve." 

Matthias H., Victoria School (Sec 4, 2020) – A2 HCL O Level

"Ms Chen is very patient and understanding and guided me through 4 years of my secondary school Chinese! She is a dedicated teacher who will go the extra mile to help you."

Julia C., CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) (Sec 4, 2020) – B3 CL O'Level

"Ms Chen is a very patient teacher and has very good teaching methods. She will listen to your questions and answer them to the best she can. Apart from her quality teaching, she is also very funny and will make learning Chinese more fun. She is also very encouraging and help me build my confidence in Chinese."

Giselle C., Nanyang Girls’ High School (Sec 1, 2020)

"I find Ms Chen’s lessons very useful in refining my comprehension answering techniques and providing me with many model compositions across topics to prepare for exams. During lessons, I get many composition practices and Ms Chen provides me with detailed feedback on how to improve. With Ms Chen’s help, I managed to prepare and “spot” the composition and oral topic for O levels. Thanks Ms Chen!"

"Ms Chen understands my strengths and weaknesses and is proficient in teaching me how to make good use of my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. She is also a resourceful teacher with many exam papers and Chinese model compositions. I can always ask Ms Chen to look through my exam scripts and she helps me to analyse my mistakes and tells me the areas I need to work on. She always clarifies my doubts on my Chinese homework when I WhatsApp her. With the help of Ms Chen, I managed to do my O-Level Higher Chinese papers more confidently."

Bryan W., Hwa Chong Institution (Sec 4, 2020)

"Both my daughters attend Ms Chen's Chinese tuition and she tailors the lessons for them. My elder daughter is weak in Chinese composition and Ms Chen gives her alot of guidance and practice on composition writing and  essay techniques. Her writing skills improved under Ms Chen and she managed to pull her composition grades from 30s to 40s. My younger daughter attends the Chinese tuition group lessons. She enjoys the group dynamics and energy, and benefitted from the regular drilling of vocabulary and comprehension techniques."

Nicholas W., Punggol Secondary School (Sec 4, 2020)

Mrs Ng, Parent of Elizabeth (Nanyang Girls’ High School, Sec 4, 2019) and Joanna (River Valley High School, Sec 2, 2019)

"Ms Chen’s enthusiasm and passion for the Chinese language rubs off on me, and she constantly motivates me to do better in my Higher Chinese. During the months leading up to the O-Level oral exam, Ms Chen pushed me to watch the Chinese news everyday to improve my oral. She discusses the topics in a comprehensive way and train me to think critically. I can always Whatsapp her for help on my school work and any questions, and she always clarifies my doubts readily."

Emily, Parent of Ethan (Catholic High School, Sec 3, 2019)

"My son scored B4 overall for Sec 2 Higher Chinese End Of Year Exam. He has shown improvement from C5 in first combined to B4 in second combined. We can’t thank you enough for your patience and good guidance! Thank you! Keep up the good work and we hope Ethan can remain motivated under your guidance and continue to improve his Chinese."

"Ms Chen taught me Chinese Comprehension techniques that helped me to ace Comprehension. I like that she incorporates current affairs and news in her lessons which makes reading Chinese news less intimidating. Under her guidance, I managed to improve from a borderline pass to top of class for Paper 2."

Annabeth L., Chung Cheng High School (Main), (Sec 3, 2019)

Ian W., Raffles Institution (Sec 3, 2018)

Alex T., Hwa Chong Institution (Sec 2, 2018)

"Ms Chen is very patient in explaining Chinese vocabulary to me, in both English and Chinese. I can always reach out to Ms Chen readily when I have questions. I used to dislike Chinese lessons but Ms Chen makes her Higher Chinese Tuition lessons enjoyable by sharing music and current affairs in China. She also introduced martial arts novels to me which I enjoyed. My Higher Chinese has improved from Bs to As and I managed to qualify for the End of Year Exam exemption."

"Very thankful to Ms Chen for guiding my daughter and being so patient. My daughter has a weak foundation as she did not take Higher Chinese in primary school, but Ms Chen constantly encouraged her and expanded her vocabulary. I am impressed with the vocabulary she is able to use in her Composition after a few lessons. Now, she understands comprehension passages better. From failing, she has improved to scoring Bs and is now motivated to do better."

XT, Parent of Wan Ling (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Sec 2, 2018)

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