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S1 Higher Chinese Preparatory Workshop
(For P6 students in 2023)

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Help your child get a headstart in the S1 HCL curriculum

Why attend? 



After PSLE, a lot of students do not speak and write Chinese in daily life. When they transition to Secondary 1, the sad truth is that many struggle – they have forgotten most of the words learnt in primary school, even though it is just a mere 2-3 month break.


Hence, our P6 to S1 HCL Preparatory Workshop aims to help your child transit seamlessly to Secondary HCL and maintaining momentum in learning the language. We will be introducing news elements, commonly used idioms (成语、俗语) through videos and games, as well as practice oral conversation topics.


Join us for a fun-filled journey to plan and prepare ahead for the S1 HCL curriculum!

What will be covered? 

  • Introduce relevant and commonly tested news topics in Secondary: how to analyze news, reading news.

  • Introduce S1 HCL new components: Moving from note writing (便条) to situational writing (使用文), common topics in composition writing (情境作文).

  • Learn S1 vocabulary and introduction to common idioms and saying (成语、俗语).

  • Introduce S1 comprehension formats and answering techniques.

Workshop details

  • Sign up with a friend and receive $50 off each

  • Contact Chen Higher Chinese here

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