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"知之者不如好之者,好之者不如乐之者 。"
Primary, Secondary & O'Level Higher Chinese
Integrated Programme Chinese Curriculum
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Oral and Essay Techniques
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A Higher Achiever Who
Loves Her Fish Soup

Ms Chen is a bilingual Singaporean teacher with the following credentials and achievements: 

12 years teaching experience in Higher Chinese, Chinese and Chinese Literature at Pri, Sec, IB and IP levels 

Double First Class Honours from Nanyang Technological University on the Nanyang Scholarship

Taught at Hwa Chong Institution

Top Student in Chinese Literature at Hwa Chong Institution and A1 in General Paper

Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) Scholar at Hwa Chong Institution

P.s. Ms Chen's favourite Fish Soup is Han Kee at Amoy Food Centre 

" 一直坚信华文教学,不是技术教学,而是一种感情的教育。希望同学们能在成长的过程中慢慢地和华语建立一种感情。"
- 陈老师

Ace your Higher Chinese with Chen Higher Chinese's


Structured Curriculum

All our materials are specially designed by Ms Chen. Having gone through the Singapore education system both as a student and teacher, Ms Chen is well aware of the marking and examination requirements, as well as the struggles students face in learning Chinese.

With her deep knowledge and experience of commonly tested composition topics, Ms Chen and her team of bilingual and MOE-trained teachers (from Peking University, Fudan University, NUS and NTU Chinese) are able to guide students in identifying relevant and common topics likely to be tested examinations.

 Our Group Lessons cover:

  • Comprehension techniques and application

  • Model composition guidance, analysis of composition questions and application

  • Textbook vocabulary revision

  • Oral common topics and practice

English and Chinese Teaching Methods

Ms Chen and her team of bilingual teachers leverages on their strengths in English and Chinese to explain difficult terms and vocabulary to ensure your child fully comprehends the curriculum and topics.

Making it relevant and Fun!

Our goal is to enable your child to have a greater appreciation and understanding of the Chinese language by teaching them practical applications of Chinese to daily life, through the use of current affairs, music, movies and books to hone your child's oral and writing abilities.

The teacher-student connection is vital in helping your child love the language a little more and see the nuances and beauty of Chinese.

Small class size

All our group lessons have an average of 5 students to encourage active two-way communicationWe ensure that all students in the group have similar standards, so that they are able to follow the pace of the lessons.

Students are expected to speak up in class discussions on news topics, to maximise their learning.

Online and Offline Hybrid Class Format


Woffer students the flexibility to attend classes in-person or online. So if your child is unable to travel to the Centre, your child can attend class from home. 

Unsure whether online classes will work for your child, learn more about our online class format here.

All-round support 

Ms Chen is a strong advocate of 2-way interaction between students and herself, she interacts with students and provides guidance on their homework, school essays, orals and tests on Whatsapp even after classes. 






Be tutored by Ms Chen and her team of bilingual and MOE-trained teachers who will work with your child to excel in his / her Chinese exams.

UPDATE : Students can choose to attend classes online or physically.



Is your child lost and needs massive help for writing Chinese Compositions?

Higher Chinese Holiday Workshops

Leverage on Chen Higher Chinese's Year End Holiday Workshops to improve your Oral, Compo and Compre techniques to prepare for 2022.

Ms Chen's Blog

Read more about Ms Chen's thoughts on the latest happenings, current affairs and personal experiences as a tutor. In Chinese, of course : )



Ms Chen's students have consistently achieved distinctions in the GCE ‘O’ Level HCL examination. Unlike subjects like Mathematics and Sciences, improvement in languages DO NOT naturally come within a short period of time, however students who follow Ms Chen’s advice methodically will definitely be able to see marked improvement.  

Ms Chen hopes to motivate and help them to see that learning of the Chinese language does not end after their 'O' Level HCL exams.






黄镜为,莱佛士女中 (中四, 2020年) - A1 HCL O'Level

"Thank you Ms Chen for helping me with my HCL! Although my Chinese standard is a borderline pass, Ms Chen never gave up on me and tailors her model compositions to my level so that I will have not find it too challenging to learn and remember. In addition, she also helps me to narrow down the possible topics for Oral and Compo examinations which I find very useful. When I have last minute queries before exams, I can always text Ms Chen and she always gives me detailed explanations promptly. She also sends me encouragement notes and brownies to motivate me. I’m very grateful for her guidance all these years."

Chloe N., CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (Sec 4, 2020) - A2 HCL O'Level




王祉颐,南洋女中(中四,2020) - A1 HCL O'Level

"I find Ms Chen’s lessons very useful in refining my comprehension answering techniques and providing me with many model compositions across topics to prepare for exams. During lessons, I get many composition practices and Ms Chen provides me with detailed feedback on how to improve. With Ms Chen’s help, I managed to prepare and “spot” the composition and oral topic for O levels. Thank you Ms Chen!"

Bryan W., Hwa Chong Institution (Sec 4, 2020) - A2 HCL O'Level


卓恩熙, 新加坡女子中学 (中四, 2020年) - A1 HCL O'Level

"100% would recommend Ms Chen!! Ms Chen is able to build rapport with her students, she’s young at heart, so lessons are always lively and enjoyable. Before attending her lessons, I disliked Chinese and thought learning it was a chore and only scraped borderline passes in school, but after attending her lessons for 2+ years, she has definitely inspired me with her deep knowledge in Chinese. Beyond the techniques she imparted, I am more motivated to do well in Chinese and speak the language, so thank you Ms Chen :)"

Annabeth L., Chung Cheng High School Main (Sec 4, 2020) – A2 HCL O'Level

"Ms Chen’s Chinese tuition lessons are always interesting and varied. She gives me plenty of resources (especially on composition and oral) and makes sure I am well-prepared for common topics. This has helped to reinforce my knowledge and broaden my exposure. Ms Chen also prepares Chinese oral videos for me to have mock practice which I find very useful. My Chinese composition used to be pretty bad as I do not have enough evidence and phrases, but Ms Chen’s resources and pointers helped me tremendously and I gained more confidence.  I find it useful that I can Whatsapp her when I have any questions and she will explain to me patiently."

Joseph T., Dunman High School (Sec 4, 2019) - A1 HCL O'Level

"I was scraping through my Higher Chinese exams, scoring Cs. A few months before my O'Level, I started intensive Higher Chinese tuition with Ms Chen. She taught me comprehension techniques and gave me a lot of practice papers to practise these techniques and patiently explained my mistakes. She also gave me plenty of Chinese model compositions, taught me good phrases I used in my essays, and helped me spot essay topics for Prelims and O'Levels. Eventually, I managed to score A2 for my Higher Chinese O'Level exam. Thank you Ms Chen for your guidance!"

Lucinda L., Raffles Girls’ School (Sec 4, 2019) - A2 HCL O'Level

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Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls' School, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls' High School,

Cedar Girls' School, Methodist Girls' School, Dunman High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, Catholic High School, Victoria School, Crescent Girls' School, St Joseph's Institution, Chung Cheng High School,

Tao Nan School, Nanyang Primary School and more. 


A1 for HCL O level, 2020

学生吓了老师一跳😂 A1 for HCL O level, 2020

A1 for HCL O level, 2020 - from C5 in Mid-Year to A1 in O level. Possible only with hard work from student in learning all her model compo and compre techniques!

A1 for HCL O level, 2020

Parent’s Testimonial - Confidence in doing the paper is very important. Ms Chen hopes to help every student find their confidence in the language that they hardly speak in daily lives

Scored A1 for CL O level, 2020

Spotted question with student for HCL O level, 2020, she was overjoyed with her A2, from her initial school score of C5-C6 at beginning of the year

A2 for HCL O level (2020)

Ms Chen is always glad to be able to be part of her students’ growth and journey over the years - this student has been with us since sec 1! (2021)

学习好词佳句固然重要,培养学生对华文的自信与热忱更重要 (2021)

Book Ms Chen early to avoid disappointment! (2021)

Celebrating students’ little milestones (2021)

缘分让我们相遇,能帮的,陈老师都会竭尽所能。 (2021)

Ms Chen understands her students well and will harness their strengths and weaknesses to help them improve (2021)

Knowing the right techniques is half the battle won (2021)

Knowing the right techniques is half the battle won (2021)

B3 for HCL O level, 2020. With a weaker foundation, some students struggle with the language and attaining a B3 is a huge achievement for them

B3 for HCL O level, 2020

I always ask my students what they want to achieve for their HCL O level, 2020. This student gave me an unwavering B3 right from the start. Congrats on achieving your goal!

Student's Testimonial

Student's Testimonial

Student's Testimonial

Student's Testimonial

Parent's Testimonial

Parent's Testimonial

Parent's Testimonial

PSLE - Scored A* in CL and Distinction in HCL

O Level HCL - Scored A1

O Level HCL - Scored A1

O Level HCL - Improved from C5 to A2

Scored A1

O Level CL - Scored A1

O Level HCL - Scored A2

O Level HCL - Improved from C5 to B3

O Level HCL - Improved from F9 to C6

O Level CL - Scored A1 - Insta

O Level HCL - Scored A2 - Insta

Scored A1

Scored A1

Exempted End Of Year Exam - Hwa Chong