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2023 June Holiday Workshops

Secondary School 

Excel in your Chinese Exams

Oral, Compo and Compre Workshops


  • Grasp the essential skills and techniques for argumentative composition writing

  • Receive notes on news/evidence (论证) for argumentative compositions, famous quotes (名人名言) and model compositions

  • Expand his/her vocabulary bank



  • Go through predicted themes for this year’s O level oral exam ​

  • Understand oral techniques required to ace oral exam and common oral questions asked by examiners

  • Practice different topics in simulated oral setting and receive feedback

  • Hone critical thinking skills with mock debate

  • Receive notes on different possible oral topics 

Compre (Paper 2)

  • Guidance in comprehension passage analysis and reading with understanding

  • Learn techniques for clue-sourcing and answer precision in comprehension

  • Review of question types and strategies in comprehension

  • Grasp common vocab and idioms in close passage

  • Understand techniques required for Summary (片段缩写) and Editing (病句改正) 

​Workshop details

  • Sign up with a friend and receive $50 off each

  • Contact Chen Higher Chinese here

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